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Prenuptial agreements

Get to know this procedure in depth and find out which documents or requirements will be needed in order to request this service at the Fifth Notary of Manizales.

What are prenuptial agreements?

It is a contract that a couple makes before getting married or living together, regarding the assets they have or may have in the future, in order to exclude them from the marital partnership or include them. Said agreement is made by means of a public deed.


  • National ID cards of both of the interested parties.
  • Detailed report of assets (movable and immovable).
  • Report of Liabilities.


Can I modify a prenuptial agreement?

It’s possible. The assets can be modified through a new public deed. The change must be made in the same way as it was done before the marriage or marital union.

What kind of assets can I capitulate?

You can capitulate all your own properties such as; personal property, money and securities that are planned to be acquired.

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