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Change of name or surname

Get to know this procedure in depth and find out which documents or requirements will be needed in order to request this service at the Fifth Notary of Manizales.

What is the change of name or surname?

All Colombians over the age of 18 can change their name and/or surname. You can delete, add or modify any of the names or surnames.

The procedure is carried out by public deed, and can only be done once in a lifetime, except when the new name corresponds to a change of gender.


  • Birth Certificate.
  • National ID Card.
  • Authenticated copy of the birth certificate (to modify).
  • If you belong to an indigenous community or town, you must also present the permission of the indigenous authority.


What should I do to change my paternal last name?

To request a public deed for a name change, you must have a copy of the birth certificate at this notary or where you have been registered.

After modifying the original birth certificate, you will get a new one with a different serial number.

If my name was changed as a minor, can I change it again?

Of course. After reaching 18 years of age, you can request a change of name or surname, only once (except when the new name corresponds to a change of gender).

When I change my last name, does the relationship with my parents disappear?

No. The law allows you to change your name and surname, however, this does not mean that the relationship with your parents will change or cease to exist, nor what it represents before the law.

Can a married woman remove or use her husband's last name and the preposition "de" (of)?

If the woman so desires, she can do it.

If I have a gender change, can I only change my name once?

The law allows you to have up to two chances to change your name after the sex change procedure.

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