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Get to know this procedure in depth and find out which documents or requirements will be needed in order to request this service at the Fifth Notary of Manizales.

What is an exchange?

In articles from 1955 to 1958 of the Colombian Civil Code, the exchange is declared as an act between two people that allows them to exchange one good for another, without involving payments, unless it is to equal the value of the things exchanged.


  • National ID Card.

For real estate you must attach:

  • Public deeds of the owners.
  • Certificate of Good Standing of valuation, property tax and administration, if applicable.
  • Departmental and municipal valuation.
  • Recent release certificate, if the property is rural, it must not have been issued more than 5 days ago.


What happens if one of the goods to be exchanged is more expensive than another?

A surplus can be negotiated without the need to alter or modify the exchange as such. However, if this surplus is greater than the price of the property or the good that is given as part of payment, it would no longer be an exchange and a sale would take place.

Can any property be exchanged?

That’s right, all movable and immovable property found in commerce, excluding these cases:

  • State assets.
  • Liens.
  • Assets that are owned by minors and by persons under guardianship or conservatorship and that have registered valuation deficits.

What is the difference between barter and sale?

Bartering allows two people to exchange equal goods. While the sale is generally an exchange of money for a property or lot.

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