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Merging of partnerships

Get to know this procedure in depth and find out which documents or requirements will be needed in order to request this service at the Fifth Notary of Manizales.

What is a merger of partnerships?

This is a procedure that is carried out when one or more companies are dissolved without being liquidated, either to be invested by another or to create a new one.


  • National ID of all legal representatives involved.
  • Chamber of Commerce certificates of existence and legal representation.
  • Minutes of the meeting where the will to merge is expressed and established.
  • Financial and consolidated balance sheets.


What is the merger of companies?

It happens when several small companies come together to compete against a larger one in the same sector.

How many types of company mergers are there?

There are

  1. Absorption: When a company appropriates the assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of another or other dissolved companies, in order to incorporate them into their own.
  2. Transfusion: When two companies come together for the purpose of creating a new one.

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