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Death certificate

Get to know this procedure in depth and find out which documents or requirements will be needed in order to request this service at the Fifth Notary of Manizales.

What is a death certificate?

It is a certificate that legally accredits the death of a person. According to article 80 of Decree 1260 of 1970, this document must contain the date of death, the name and gender of the deceased.


  • National ID Card of the person taking care of the process.
  • Medical death certificate.
  • If the death was violent, a court order.
  • If the case of death is presumed to be a disappearance, a final judicial sentence.
  • The registration of death due to natural causes must be requested within two days of death, otherwise an order will be required.


If a person dies abroad, where is the death recorded?

It must be done at the Colombian consulate of the country where the death occurred.

How do I acquire a death record?

Within two days of the death of your family member, you must go to the notary with the deceased’s identification document and the certificate issued by the doctor.

If the death was violent, what should I add?

In these cases it is necessary to present a judicial authorization.

What deaths must be registered?

The death of any Colombian, foreign citizen who has died in the national territory or of a Colombian residing in a foreign country, either by natural death, violent death or by death decreed by a judge.

Who can register the death of another person?

  • The husband.
  • The next of kin who isn’t a minor.
  • The doctor who attended the deceased person.
  • A funeral home official who attends the funeral.
  • The director or administrator of the establishment where the death occurred.

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