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Acknowledgement of paternity

Get to know this procedure in depth and find out which documents or requirements will be needed in order to request this service at the Fifth Notary of Manizales.

What is acknowledgment of paternity?

This process recognizes an individual as the father of a person, attributing the rights and obligations imposed by law.


  • National ID Card.

Acknowledgment of paternity can be given by:

  • Signature of the person who acknowledges on the birth certificate or via a statement before a judge.
  • Will.
  • Court order.


What happens if the father does not want to acknowledge his paternity?

You must go to a family court, so that through a lawsuit, an investigation can be carried out and a judge can decide whether or not to declare the filiation.

Can acknowledgment of paternity be revoked?

No, this process is irrevocable.

Can acknowledgment of paternity be revoked?

Approach the notary with a national ID card, together with the people involved, here you can advance the process in the following ways:

  1. Signing the birth certificate or registration.
  2. Going before the notary to sign a public deed.
  3. Expressing themselves through a will.
  4. Expressing themselves before a defender, family commissioner or by a summons requested by the mother of the child.

In the latter case, the mother or father of the child may request the judge, defender or family commissioner to summon the father or mother to seek voluntary recognition of the child who has already been born or is about to be born. If the voluntary acknowledgment is a fact, the official must record it in an act and must order the registration or correction of the child’s last names in the birth certificate.

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